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    Bridgford Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich (3 Units)

    3.5 oz packet. shelf stable.
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    3.5 oz shelf stable honey bbq beef pocket sandwich. ready to eat. no refrigeration required. great for emergency / disaster relief planning. 3 year shelf life from date of manufacture if stored at 80┬░ f or less; may be stored at 100┬░ for 6 months. no heating required. just tear open and eat. great hot or cold. ingredients: bread (enriched flour [wheat flour. maltedbarley flour. niacin. iron. thiamine mononitrate.riboflavin. folic acid]. water. partially hydrogenatedsoybean and cottonseed oil. glycerol. yeast. salt. sucroseester. dough conditioners [wheat. flour. diacetyltartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides {datem}.soy oil. l-cysteine hydrochloride. enzyme. ascorbic acid.azodicarbonamide {ada}]. gum arabic. calcium sulfate.xanthan gum. sorbic acid). barbecue beef (beef. tomatopaste [tomato paste. salt. citric acid]. brown sugar.mustard. glycerol. honey. molasses. spices and flavorings.beef broth. partially hydrogenated soybean oil. salt.rice syrup. vinegar flavor [sodium diacetate. citricacid. potassium citrate. glucono-delta-lactone].worcestershire sauce [distilled vinegar. molasses. cornsyrup. water. salt. caramel coloring. sugar. spices.anchovies. flavoring. tamarind]. dried onions. smokeflavoring. sodium phosphate). contains wheat & fish. calories per ounce 83.

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